“Are We Being Tricked…
Let Us Show You!”

All clear water appears the same. Can you tell whether it’s acid, alkaline, contaminated, or even radioactive just by looking? Neither can we, so we ran some tests to SHOW the difference. We tested for acid vs. alkaline qualities. We tested the electrical charge of water which has everything to do with whether the water will oxidize your cells (break them down) or act as an anti-oxidant (promote cell life and slow down the aging process). We’ll show you the experiments and the results in the Water Education Webinar.

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NoBSWater - Improve Your Blood Pressure With Water

“Dehydration Can…
Pressure You To Death”

Can dehydration cause high blood pressure? Absolutely! As you dehydrate, your body retains sodium and some of your ultra-small blood vessels (capillaries) can even close down somewhat and may increase blood pressure. High blood pressure is also your body’s early compensation for your blood being thicker and more sludge-like. But the second act is even worse… hypovolemic shock (not enough blood volume). It even sounds shocking. It can threaten your life. Don’t go there!

Heart Disease and The World Health Organization

“Heart Disease and The World Health Organization”

Who knew that the water you drink could drastically affect your heart?  The World Health Organization, that’s WHO!  And so did we.  Now it’s your turn to learn what years of research from all over the world have shown.  Over-filtered water is damaging to your heart and doubles the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, and heart failure.  The report specifically mentions modern water purification systems in the United States as a problem.  Our webinar will give you the information you need to protect your heart.

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Diabetes can improve
or even be…

Doctors give plenty of advice in how to control diabetes… lose weight, low sugar consumption, several small meals, exercise, and keep hydrated. But when have you ever heard doctors mention that the TYPE of water you drink can affect your blood glucose. Studies have shown diabetes can improve or even be cured in some people by using a specific type of drinking water. The study specifically mentions improvement in HbA1c, blood glucose, cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and serum creatinine. Our water education webinar will fill you in.


“Did You Think of Water
As Part of Your Nutrition?”

Everyone knows that good nutrition is the fuel that powers the cells of your body.  It affects how your heart beats, how you digest, and especially how you think.  But fuel is a mixture of these elements in 70% water.  Did you think of water as part of your nutrition?  Even a 2% drop in body hydration will make your thoughts foggy, your mind unclear, and even affect how your body functions.  Different waters have different nutritional values.  Join our Water Education Webinar to learn what research has taught us.

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Tap Water vs Tap Water

“Bottled Water vs Tap Water”

Bottled Water vs. Tap Water. Choosing the right one can make a huge difference to your health… and it’s not the one you’re thinking. Do you think that if you pay more for something, it must be better? If so, then bottled water should be 10,000 times better than tap water because that’s the difference in cost. In reality, bottled water can be much worse. The phrase “you get what you pay for” only means that you get to deplete your bank account 10,000 times faster while your bottled water depletes the mineral balance in your body.

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Dehydration Can Lead to Brain Fog

“Drink Up and Avoid Confusion”

Just 2% dehydration can lead to brain fog, confusion, and lack of clear thinking. It can happen even before you feel thirsty. The feeling of thirst comes only after a deficiency, which causes other cells (like your brain) to function less than optimally as their biochemistry deteriorates. Body fluid loss occurs periodically by elimination, but fluid loss occurs constantly through your skin and through your lungs. Replace your body fluid with optimized, life support water. It’s healthfully unique and we’ll show you why in our Water Education Webinar.

NoBSWater-Over Filtered Bottled Water

“Over-filtered Water Removes Micronutrients”

Micronutrients help build bone, muscle, skin, teeth… you get the picture. Overfiltered water removes micronutrients and robs you of nutrition says the World Health Organization. They especially mention U.S. water treatment systems causing that problem. Get the solution in our free educational webinar.

Tap Water Is Ideal Water

The Tap Water Myth

Myth: Tap water is NOT the ideal source for drinking water.

Truth: With 2 very simple and minor modifications, tap water IS the ideal source for drinking water for the majority of humanity.